Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I received some sad news today that an old friend of mine Sharon Pell-Lie passed away a couple of weeks ago. 

Although I haven't seen her in years the news left me stunned and weeping on my living room couch.  We had worked together side by side for years at a company called Genlser.  She taught me a lot about graphic design and Illustrator.  She also was responsible for convincing me to get my cat, Ninety Nine, who I love dearly.  Thank you Sharon for that act alone. 

She was a kooky kind of gal that sold her own artwork on the streets of West Broadway and loved Burritoville.  I had many laughs with her at work and just recently around Easter time I emailed her to get her home mailing address so I could send her a bag of her favorite Easter egg candy (those horrible long shaped, hard candy shell eggs with the tough marshmallow inside)

I'm so glad I did that now.  I hope it brought a smile to her face. 

I will reflect on our silly times together often I'm sure, wishing I could turn back time and see your smile again.

More about Sharon's life here

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