Monday, August 22, 2011



So I have been lucky this summer to receive two car trophies for my 1965 AMC Rambler American 330. The image( left )was an award of excellence and the image (bottom) was the most recent from last weekend where I placed 3rd in my class of a classic car untouched from its original condition.

In either case however, it makes me laugh because basically I got trophies for buy an old car. "Hey Mike, good job buying that car, have a trophy..."

But I do wish my Pops was still around to come with me to these things. He would love the people there and their cars. I feel sort of like a phony since it was my Father who was always the real car aficionado -- I just hope I can play my part and garner as many more awards for this little car as I can down the road, because I feel each one is really him winning it. Love you Dad.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


My Mom, a.k.a. Carmella Mararian, turned 80 the other day! It's hard to believe all that time has passed in what seemed like only a few years. I wish she lived closer to us. Either way happy birthday Mom, I love you very much. Only 20 more years until you can wind up on a Schmuckers Jar for Willard Scott on the Today Show. Let's go for it!