Saturday, October 31, 2009


They had a Zombie Walk in buffalo today - the middle of the day- and i missed it. However I did catch some photos which were posted on Facebook and I found myself looking at each person's rendition of a zombie. Most were people in white tees with blood but some worked really well and it occurred to me the key to being a successful zombie is to make sure you have a unique enough character or occupation.

A 1970's jogger zombie could be cool or maybe even a womanly shaped 1920's wrestler zombie. How about a Terminex exterminator?! What makes all those film so creepy are are when the zombies are part of our every day life. Any zombie in a a uniform woud be perfect. A UPS guy would be fun and understated as well because the blood would probably look like chocolate syrup on the "what can brown do for you?" outfit.

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