Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Starting in November I will be dropping the Inky Dreadfuls moniker from my name and presenting my work simply by my real name, Michael Mararian.

When my work was all created using only ink it was a fun title to use but since my newer work has evolved into using paint as well as ink I feel a need to drop the title and also it has gotten to the point where I'm known by so many names it's confusing. Am I Inky Dreadfuls? M. Mararian's Inky Dreafuls?, M. Mararian?, or Michael Mararian?.

Every gallery has me listed differently and sometimes they send me checks I can't cash because they'll make them out to Inky Dreadfuls. So I think come this Fall ,when I put together my new website, I will go by my real name, Michael Mararian.

Until then call me Inky all you want for at least this summer.


elizabeth.lambert.photography said...

We miss Inky Dreadfuls

nurseel said...

As long as you continue to create and your past works are available for me to continue to look at, enjoy, recommend, and buy. I have 2 prints in my home. Everytime I stop to look at them, I see something different in them. They are some of my faves. From nurseel....art lover