Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I would guess one of the greatest compliments to bestow an artist is to have an admirer ink their own skin with one of artist's works - or how about two of their works? - okay then, how about a whole friggin sleeve? Well Phoenixville, PA resident Ryan Grondin is just that admirer. Ryan emailed me a short while ago with the following images as part of the full sleeve of my art that is in the process of being worked on.

Needless to say I was overwhelmingly flattered. The tattoo artist working on Ryan is Marc Garofolo of Eternal Image Tattoo also located in Phoenixville area.

I am impressed by all tattoo artists who can fine shade skin with apparent ease, and Marc is obviously one of them. I have trouble achieving it on a stationary piece of paper, I can't imagine if it moved under my brush as well. I think i told Ryan that I was marveling at how he captured the sheen of the Arsenic bottle and would venture to say he actually improved apon it now that I look at my original drawing found here.

Anyway, cool work Marc if you're out there and thanks Ryan for the commitment to my art!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My good friend Andrew Nicholas was kind enough (without me asking mind you) to take some photos of the McCaig Welles "Les Enfants Diaboliques" show last Friday. check out the rest of his cool journalistic photography and New York City memoir's here at This City is Mine