Sunday, August 10, 2008


My wife and I recently purchased two stunning woodcuts from a New England artist named Don Gorvett.

We were on vacation in Portsmouth, New Hampsire and came across his printwork which is moving and fluid. We could not afford a final print which is rather costly (and well deserved I might add) due to the process he goes through to arrive at his final print, so instead we purchased two of the "stages" of the work which are really cool in the sense that you see his process with hand written notes on the side of the work, etc...

One piece is called Sea Castles - and the other is a rare black woodcut on butcher block paper of Wentworth by the Sea.

Oh, and they're huge...


joseph's art and stuff said...

Nice purchases. Your work is wickedly wild. Saw it in Juxtapoz and thought I'd check out more. Love your style.

leo grinhauz said...

Don is one of my favorite artists!
He, himself sold me an enormous reduction woodcut of Portsmouth's harbour at nite. Its huge and amazing and it will live with me forever.
Congratulations on your purchases. i hope one day to also have that magnificent print you bought called