Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I was lucky recently (these last few months) to get to know Ron Dominguez, an avid collector of many of the works being created by some of the most established and up and coming artists in the newest art movement happening today.

Recently I was invited over to his apartment and I got the whole private tour. His collection to date is quite impressive with the likes of The Clayton Brothers and Marion Peck to Gary Baseman, David Stoupakis, Camille Rose Garcia and beyond.

Having collected works of art for many years myself, mostly photography but also some of the new art out there: It was fun being on the other side of the table talking about collecting as opposed conversations I have with artists in regards to creating. Needles to say we had a great afternoon on Monday talking about all the work that has graced the walls of both our apartments, how proud we are at having the foresight to grab up the works when they were cheap and at the same time lamenting over the "Ones that got away".

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