Sunday, June 15, 2008


It's father's day -- here is a picture of my Father, Michael Mararian Sr. -- He just turned 80. I am on track to look just like him at this age (sans the bird) -- if I even make it that far

I'm heading down to Florida tomorrow to drive him and my Mother (and the bird Egbert) up North for the summer. A week long car ride with my folks -- it has all the elements of a Ben Stiller Film. yikes.


PeterC said...

Hey Mike, seeing the Dad+Bird pic; I think you need a bird to accompany you to your openings.
maybe a crow would work better though. .. lemme know I'll start training one. I got a squirrel ready to go, though-
Best of Luck with your upcoming show, which i will not get to see/:P

Michael Mararian said...

Thanks Peter - well, you'll get to see it online soon....