Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have to say, after all the recent coverage of the sublime passing of Tim Russert I have never been more looking forward to transplanting up to Buffalo, New York. As many of you know my wife and I have bought a glorious Victorian home up there once owned by the Wells Fargo family as well as a 100 year old history of many other inhabitants.

It seems Russert's love for the city and it's people are beginning to be visible now with my own eyes, having visited there many times. Most recently my wife's show up there drew some newly befriended art friends named Craig Larotunda and Jason D'Aquino (Jason has a show up a Fuse Gallery at the moment) The fact that they were kind enough to stop by and show their support, not to me but to my wife, displays the type of caliber people they are. A gesture I find refreshing in this often fickle friended art world.

With that being said, I am looking forward to staying friends with them both once we get settled up there come this November.

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