Saturday, May 24, 2008


No, not my age (I wish) but my art count for the Corey Helford show in July. This is the most work I have ever done for a show and I'm pretty happy in general with the outcome, there will be a few odd pieces and I'm curious to see how they are received. I have to start the 30th piece this Memorial day and I hope I can get even one more in before I start shipping them out the middle of June. There were some thoughts to having me do an art installation but I just don't think I will have the time or engery by that point.


WaxTraxBoy said...

Already signed up for the preview mailing list @ Corey Helford's.

I just know it's gonna be fantastic. Your shows always are, Michael!

Scotty in MA

Michael Mararian said...

thanks Scotty - yeah, I think you'll get a kick out of the phobia section of the show...