Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Okay, so is this just a trend or an official art form now ? In one of my earlier posts this year ( here ) - I made an observation that among the art fairs here in NYC there were quite a few artists doing work with miniature plastic people. Now I see two more have ( and will) surface once again this year - one just finished in Los Angeles at the Paul Kopekien Gallery named David Demichele and the other shall grace this tiny island of Manhattan at Sloan Fine Art named Andrea Aversa. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not mocking any of these artists - I sort of like these minuscule worlds made human scale - and Andrea's priest and Airplane creations are quite nice but I just wonder where it all came for all of a sudden, leading me to ask again, is this a fad or a fixture now? Because if it is an official medium , I'll do it. Shit man, I'll do "Tiny Dreadfuls". But even more importantly, where do people get these little people from? I remember Homies in the vending machines years ago here in the city, can I use them? Would they count or is that too gauche? F'get it, I'll stick to the ink.

Andrea Aversa

David Demichele


PeterC said...

Those are cool. I guess derivative isnt the term Id use. Maybe the birth of a new form of sculpture. ?
They remind me of GIANT versions of this guy's work:

Michael Mararian said...

I like them all actually - every artists I have seen utilize the miniatures I think have suceeded I just wonder what triggered the collective conscious of all these artists to do this type of work all at once (at least it seems all at once)

PeterC said...

I didnt mean I thought you thought they were derivative. I was typing out loud and need a thesaurus.
I should stop mangling your topic area before it gets worse but ...
I like the gumball vending machine idea. I mean, do you make your own ink? Do filmmakers bake their own film?
Do the star wars figures I have posed over my desktop count towards my art cred? ;-P
Maybe they are from tiny scale train set decorations? reaaaally tiny scale.

I need to get out of this apt. and see some art for reals. ciao 4 now