Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I should have posted this awhile ago but it just occurred to me...I submitted the above artwork to the Fuse Gallery about a month ago as part of their traveling "Draw show" that is presently touring Europe. It was in London but may have moved on at this point. This was the study that ended up being "Daschle and the Wave"(image below) - my initial concept was a barren blackness behind him as if the world were in the process of ending - this is a cropped down version of it...I ended up redrawing it with a giant wave behind him instead, making it a little less obtuse....

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PeterC said...

Either way, [and I cant find that original sketch] that kid is SOOOOoo pwned! [if I may resort to online gamespeak which has crept into my real-world conversations]
I like the apocalyptic version too, with a huger end of worlds thing sneaking up behind him. Where do you get all these unique kids names from ?:D