Friday, April 18, 2008

Colorful Illustrations 93°C - Please DO NOT buy this book!

Darren Di Lieto, the creator and editor of LCS Little Chimp Society illustration site, discovered recently many interviews he has written for his blog and dozens of the artists work he's has featured have been plagiarized in a published 350 page book that came out recently selling on line for $100. You can read more about this here on his personal blog to get all the details

Artists and supporters are asking for people to not buy the book and anyone who comes in contact with the book to consult the manager of the shop to inform them of the situation.


Câmera Digital said...

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PeterC said...

...this is incredibly LAME. A broken government ideology gets worse.. For the Chinese workers it is simply part of a meager paycheck. The worst part involving China to me would be that the Interviews and Ideas expressed in the book will never reach the minds of the Chinese themselves.
If you can see a positive here it's that the work and interviews were obviously special enough to merit someone stealing them. best of luck with this; hope no one steals the inkies.
[although the kid about to get wiped out by the tidal wave would sure look good on a t-shirt...;P]

Mciahel said...

Thanks Peter but as you point out - sadly enough I guess my work wasn't appealing enough to even be stolen - should I be bummed by that? ;)

PeterC said...

Maybe you should watermark your stuff now and beat the bastages before they come here.

I still think a tea set with the bee-sting girl would be a nice product...

hey did they ever make the Sweeney toddler Doll/action figure/icon thingy?
Had some emails from Dave Ricket of UB recently- I gave him the link here. You guys did some kind of comedy show with UB Alumnus in californeeeyah about 10 years ago? I'd love to see that if anyone recorded it.
I spent the alot of the 90's running tech for a travelling Improv troupe here in Ct, some of them are still at it in your big NYC apple . Galinsky brothers or soemthing. I'm too lazy to google.
talk at you later.

Jeremy said...

Hi, I noticed you blogged about Colorful Illustrations 93°C. I just posted a 3-part write-up examining copyright issues in the creative community using this issue of piracy as the core of the piece. Please check it out and lets continue the discussion: