Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Came across a blog this evening - it was in Russian - it was a dark arts site and I went to translate what they wrote from the online translator and came up with this convoluted gem. If anyone can figure out what this means, shoot me a note -- especially the second sentence had me rolling.

"Michael Marariana's creativity can like impressionable young parents not so. On a shower, most likely, there will be a unpleasant deposit. Also there will be a desire сгрести in an armful the beloved child, to make sure, that all pricking and cutting subjects reliably спрятаны, pets are full and friendly, windows and are locked doors, and nurses and governesses diligently carry out the duties. Otherwise... To the Useless parent on a note: "

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pit793 said...

Unpleasant deposits are the spices of life, Mike. This is truly a wonderful translation that speaks volumes of your work. If you get me the original text, I will get you a translation. I work with someone from Moscow and she's teaching me Russian.