Monday, July 30, 2007


I asked Erik Foss if I could make him something for the traveling draw show. He said sure so I drew "The Gravedigger's Orphan"
I'll post it on my site soon with info where to purchase it.


WaxTraxBoy said...

Love the expression on this one!
I have 3 of your works in my personal collection:

"Sweeney Toddler"
"The Bludgeoning"
"Baby Clementine's Favorite Jawbone"

Would like to purchase this piece, if it isn't already sold.
(just looking to help you pay for that gorgeous new house!)
Again- amazing job, Michael!
Take care.

Scotty in MA

Michael Mararian said...

Scotty, this was done for the Fuse Gallery Draw show. Contact Erik Foss there.

You might be able to catch it before it goes to London, I think. Anyway, I shot you an email as well in case you don't check back here.