Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Saturday August 4th, 2007 6-11pm

Thinkspace Gallery

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029

This exhibition will feature Phase 4 with highlights from Phases 1-3.

7Teen, Allison Sommers, Angry Woebots, Brian Kesling, Brian M. Viveros, Camilla Engman, Candace Metzger, Catia Chien, Chris Ryniak, Courtney Oquist, Dan-Ah Kim, Daniel Fleres, Dave Chung, Dave Pressler, Elesavet Lawson, Erik Siador, Frieda Gossett, Gabe Leonard, Inky Dreadfuls, Isaac Pierro, J. Shea #9, Jarrod Eastman, Jenna Colby, Jesse Hotchkiss, Jesse Kerr, Jon Todd, Justin Ridge, Kenneth LaValle, KMNDZ, Kristian Olson, Kristyn Dors, Marco Zamora, Mark Allen Miller, Melissa Contreras, Miss Mindy, P.J. Fidler, Patrick Ballesteros, Rachel Schmidhofer, Scott Chenoweth, Scott Saw, Timothy Karpinski, Yuka Yamaguchi, Zoso

Sponsored by PUMA

Monday, July 30, 2007


I asked Erik Foss if I could make him something for the traveling draw show. He said sure so I drew "The Gravedigger's Orphan"
I'll post it on my site soon with info where to purchase it.


Here is the working version of the piece I did for ISM Untitled Love Project #4. It was tricky because they wanted us to show heartbreak. Since I like to create drawings that convey understated moments in time I thought I would show heartbreak the beat before it happens. The piece is called "Please God, let her like this gift." It's hard to see here but he's about to give her what he feels is a morbidly cool gift of a formaldehyde baby in a jar. Such is life.